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MAIMERI Box in solid Italian walnut wood Maimeri Puro

Contains: 32 assorted 40 ml tubes, 1 titanium white 80ml tube, 1 zinc white 80 ml tube, 1 Puro clear oil 40ml tube, 1 Puro coarse clear oil 40ml tube, 1 Puro drying medium LM 250ml bottle, 1 Puro glazing Medium 250ml bottle, 1 Puro safflower oil 250ml bottle, 1 Puro gloss picture varnish 250ml bottle, 1 charcoal box, 1 metal double bowl, 8 synthetic brushes with gold handle, 2 knife spatulas, 2 trowel knives, 1 walnutwood palette
Delivery Time: 2 to 3 days

*VAT included